Brinks Bright Side 607L11 x Ms Brinks Best Bet 222L3
2/8/06  R10046248

MS BRINKS BS 607L11 222S3 has been a cornerstone in the elite donor program here at Draggin’ M Ranch. She is, without a doubt, one of the best donor females in the entire Brangus breed. She ranks in the top 30% of the breed or higher for an impressive 6 traits including: top 2% REA, top 10% YW, top 15% WW and TM, top 25% SC, and top 30% for Milk. She is a very moderate, deep ribbed, easy fleshing female with years of production left ahead of her. During her time here at Draggin’ M she has generated over $90,000 in revenue, with many more dollars to come as more progeny is introduced into the marketplace. 

Along with several highly functional sons and daughters, she is the dam of the $43,000, “DMR ROLL TIDE 222Z29”, who sold to Johnston Farms of Letohatchee, AL in the fall of 2013. Roll Tide is quietly making a name for himself by producing moderate framed, big ended and easy fleshing progeny. They are deep sided with plenty of bone and spring of rib to go along with an easy disposition.

This productive female has averaged over 16 good embryos on her last 3 flushes and made 38 pregnancies that are arriving this spring by sires including: Guardian, Heritage, and Onstar. If you do the math, that gives her a conception rate of nearly 80%! Plenty of cows in the breed can produce large quantities of embryos, but few can boast a conception rate to match that of 222S3. 

One of the truly great cows ever produced from the Brinks herd at Camp Cooley Ranch.