Coronado x Ms CRC Csonka 263U
What many will argue is the top son to date of the multi-year calving ease leader, Coronado, comes Strategy. Without question one of the top herd sires to sell this fall, he unequivocally pulls together the performance, EPD’s, phenotype and proven pedigree from which herd sires are made. Ranking in the top 10% for Milk, top 15% for REA and top 20% for CED, TM and IMF, he goes on to land above breed average for ALL of the economically relevant traits. As proven out by his performance, he started life at 70# to ratio 90 at birth, going on to ratio 107 at weaning, 102 at yearling, 103 on his REA and 109 on his IMF score, in a contemporary group many would consider as strong as there is within the Brangus breed. More than just numbers, Strategy is also the bull you find from two pens over. Attractive in his design from end to end and the ground up, he has enough look for the guys and gals who like to lead one and enough ruggedness and durability for the ones who like to breed one. Moderate framed and deep sided with ample shape and bone, he excels above his sire in terms of sheath design and overall eye appeal. The strategy in this mating didn’t happen by accident. Hailing form a dam who is quickly working her way to the front of the DMR donor pen, 263U is a ¾ sib to Landau, bringing with her the consistency and herd sire producing ability the 263 cow family possesses. John and Grady thought enough of Strategy to use him this summer to clean up on heifers, and then collected him, where he quickly and successfully froze high quality semen. With a proven pedigree, superior performance, and knockout look and proven breeding ability, the strategy is simple here.