(Left to Right): Danny Roberson, John Milam and Grady Green

(Left to Right): Danny Roberson, John Milam and Grady Green

Located in El Dorado, Arkansas,

Draggin’ M ranch is owned by John Milam from El Dorado, Arkansas. John’s cattle heritage dates back to the 1800′s when his family started ranching in West Texas. John's introduction into the Brangus business began in 2005 when he made his first purchases from the Brinks herd at Camp Cooley Ranch in Franklin, Texas. Originally, John was a cooperator in the Camp Cooley program where he raised and sold a very popular bull, “Pecos of Brinks 99S87″ for $23,500. In 2009 he joined with some of his fellow Brangus breeders to form GeneTrustGeneTrust is marketing alliance consisting of nine Brangus breeders from around the United States. Since the inception of GeneTrust, Draggin' M has thrived and become a household name when looking for quality Brangus bulls and females. In the fall of 2013 Draggin' M surpassed all of their previous records, and sold the top two high selling bulls, the high selling donor female, and the high selling commercial females at the GENETRUST @ Chimney Rock Sale. 


Today Draggin’ M Ranch is home to some of the greatest donors in the Brangus breed and features offspring of a slew of up-and-coming herd bulls like Dynasty, TributeRoll Tide and Something Extra. We have invested in the cows that we believe are capable of producing the greats of tomorrow. These females compliment the daughters from our old herd sire, Newt of Brinks 302P16; Next Step, Csonka, L11 and others that are well into production. We continue to build our female program to give these young bulls a great set of cows to prove themselves on.

Today we continue to utilize artificial insemination and embryo transfer aggressively to enhance our program. In recent years we have added powerful, promising young females in the prime of their lives to our Donor Pen and continue to keep heifers resulting from our most successful matings.

Our Team

One of the best cowherds I’ve seen, end to end, in a long time!
— Jonathan Weiss

Physical Address: 753 Hinson Road | El Dorado, Arkansas | 71730